I may have more food allergies than the typical food-allergic individual, but I recognize that I’m able to manage them because of my extreme privilege. I have great medical care (which I can afford) and the means and access to buy the specialty foods I need. I’ve stared at my grocery bill hundreds of times wondering why I spend so much, and then I remember that I have to.

But what if I couldn’t? What if I simply could not purchase the food I need to eat safely? Or if the choice was between an Epi-Pen and rent?

Pop culture and memes tend to depict people with allergies as privileged, white people who are a little snooty, a little helicopter parent-y, and so out of touch they believe a little bit of peanut is an issue. But the reality is, people of all ages, races, and socioeconomic statuses can have food allergies, and the food allergies are more prevalent among Black communities.

My latest article expands on this issue more. Check it out here.

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