Social Distancing, COVID-19, and Food Allergies

One of the consequences I didn’t expect from COVID-19 was not having access to Xolair. My doctor’s office had to close because most if not all of the patients are immunocompromised (allergy and immunology go hand in hand). I’m not 100% sure when I’ll get my next dose or how my body will fare as the medicine depletes from my system, so I’m buckling down and heading back in time – to when this blog was more active – and making sure I’m extra careful and diligent so as not to wind up in an ER experiencing anaphylaxis. It’s especially fun given that it’s horseradish season – hooray for Passover! – so even with Xolair, it’s the most allergic time of year for me. Spring and horseradish. And now a pandemic. What can go wrong?

But I don’t want to focus on the fear or negativity. I’m trying to feel empowered. To that end, I wrote a piece for Medium about how the tricks I’ve learned over the years to avoid allergens are coming in handy in this socially distanced society.

When the world gives you horseradish, you can make maror (bitter herbs) or you can make…well, hope.