Food Challenge Round 29: Cindy vs. Onion Powder – The Rematch

Onion powder.

That pesky little food that you don’t think much about until you can’t have it anymore and you realize it’s everywhere.

In people’s cooking. In sauces. In processed foods. In restaurants. In “spices.” Everywhere.

Last time I challenged onion powder, I barely passed. The doctor’s instructions were basically, “If it happens by accident, don’t panic, you won’t die, you’ll just need to take Claritin and lie down for a while.” So in the interest of not wasting time lying down, I avoided onion powder. Until this morning, when I decided it was time. The olive oil gave me courage to re-challenge, and hurrah! I passed! Like, for reals.

I don’t think I’ve felt this good since I retook the SAT and my score jumped 130 points (though I’m ashamed to say I needed to use a calculator to figure that out. Ugh.)

These totally uneventful challenges are super fun. They don’t make for great blog fodder, but I love waking up early, eating breakfast with the doctor (or, you know, a piece of chicken with onion powder and nothing else), and getting on with my day after some friendly chitchat. Way better than the eventful sickness-y ones.

I’m taking a break from challenges for Sukkot, but I’ll resume in October with pasta: the rematch. The thing is, whichever brand of pasta I try, I have to ONLY eat that one. So, dear readers, which pasta brand would you try if you could only ever have that one?

Food Challenge Tally

Cindy: 21

Allergens: 5

Up Next: Pasta

3 responses

  1. Riscossa. Made in Italy- which means if it’s GMO they have to label it, and they don’t use GMO wheat. There are SO many shapes- you could have a different shape every week for a year. I buy it at our local Italian Supermarket, Bosa Foods. (Or rather, my hubby buys it, because I would not make it out of that store without going into anaphylaxis). It cooks perfectly, and when you can only eat 10 foods, you gotta get variety somehow!!!! There are shapes of pasta there that I have never seen before. And it tastes SO much better than the North American manufactured stuff. SO much better.

  2. I’d go Barilla, though the other commenter’s sounds AWESOME. I think you could get it almost anywhere (at least on the east coast), there are lots of shapes, and it always cooks just right. Yay, onion powder!! 🙂

  3. I like Ronzoni too. So buy whichever is more convenient and available in most stores. Don’t use the brand you tried last time, just in case they use something in the processing you can’t have.

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