Food Challenge Round 4: Cindy vs Pasta

Apparently, I have an “every other food” thing going on, because I failed pasta.


Pasta, as in the food I’ve eaten my entire life. I cannot remember a time I didn’t eat pasta (except these last few months). When all the other kids brought sandwiches to school, I brought pasta. I used to do this disgusting thing as a three year old where I’d pour my pasta in my thermos cap filled with milk. Every day. Because I ate pasta every day.

But apparently, I ate too much of it in this last year. Totally overdosed. Probably because as a kid my body was adapted to a one-food regimen, but at 25, when I could eat a ton more, too much pasta was a bad thing. When this whole thing started, I was eating pasta so regularly – I had it for lunch a few times a week (the other days, I ate bagels), and on days I didn’t have pasta for lunch, I had it for dinner. I was just so stressed and so tired and so not interested in cooking or putting in effort into anything that I guess I OD’ed on pasta. [this is maybe why people shouldn’t work for companies run by “shrill narcissists.”]


I self-challenged pasta yesterday. I had an errand to run in Beverly Hills at lunchtime, and since I promised my doctor I’d try the pasta during office hours not too far away, it seemed perfect to try it yesterday.

Caption 1: Since my last name is derived from Capellini, you’d think I’d be able to eat it…guess Juliet was right when she asked what was in a name.
Caption 2: Eff you, semolina and durum. We will meet again.

I had about four, maybe five, forkfuls. And then all of a sudden I got EXHAUSTED. Like all the wind was knocked out of me. I couldn’t think straight. Nothing swelled, I was breathing, but I just couldn’t move. I couldn’t open my mouth for the next forkful. I got extremely nauseated and just stopped. Took some Benadryl, drank a bunch of water, and drove back to work — at which point I sort of half vomited/half coughed while driving. You know what’s awesome? Vomiting into an old raisins bag in the trash pile of your car while stopped at a red light on Melrose. At least I hadn’t taken the trash out yet…

I left work early and slept the entire rest of the afternoon/evening. And today, after each meal (except breakfast which I had at the same time as Benadryl), I experienced crazy stomach pains, the usual throat swelling, and loss of voice.

The good news? This was the first stomach-oriented allergic reaction I’ve had! I’ve had almost every single kind of anaphylaxis now! Let’s keep it at this level, k? Because the only one left is blocked airwaves and that is sooooo not my thing.

I can’t believe I failed pasta. I also can’t believe I’m not as distressed about it as I expected. I can have corn quinoa pasta, brown rice quinoa pasta, rice noodles, homemade pasta…anyone have a good homemade pasta recipe? I think my lack of distress is related to denial, because as soon as I finish tournament one of food challenges, I want to test pasta again. I mean, 24 years of health has to count for something, right? Maybe it was cross-contamination of flax…or something.

It’s either denial, or I’ve gotten incredibly strong.

I’m guessing some kind of combination.

Bottom line — this probably means I can have onions when I try them on Tuesday! Because allergy testing totally works in patterns, right?

Food Challenge Tally

Cindy – 2

Allergens – 2

Up next: Onions.

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