Food Challenge Round 9: Cindy vs. Sunflower Oil

Given the sunflower oil pre-glamping snafu, this week’s food challenge was a bit easier to prep. I just defrosted some potentially poisonous food and brought it over to the doctor’s office. Well, it would have been easy, except I needed a costume…

I challenged the food on Halloween, which is a big deal at my allergist’s office. But I’m not much for dressing up, so I didn’t quite know what to do. The night before, something hit me: I could dress up as the essence of a sunflower, since I was challenging the oil (aka essence) of a sunflower! Super easy, really meta, and seemingly creative.

i’m totally a sunflower…can’t you tell?

I threw on green pants, a black shirt, and a yellow sweater, with a little sign that read “Essence of sunflower.”

It was nothing compared to my doctor’s costume. He was dressed as a full blown chassid. The nurse was a vampire cat, complete with ears and makeup, though she’d removed her fangs because they were irritating her. My costume was not good enough.

Luckily, though, the food was! I ate the turkey and sweet potatoes that I’d accidentally cooked in sunflower oil, and it was totally fine. It felt more like breakfast (a big breakfast, but still) than a food challenge. And now I can eat sunflower oil!

You might be thinking, why sunflower oil? Who uses that?

Sure, it’s rarely used in home cooking. But go over to your pantry — go on, I’ll wait — and look at an item in there. Some sort of processed food, dried fruit, etc. Chances are it says sunflower oil. Or canola/vegetable/safflower/sunflower. Because that’s helpful.

My diet just totally expanded. I can eat so much more that I don’t cook myself. This was evidenced even further when I was shopping for a party this past Saturday night and needed to grab party snacks. BevMo had no Fritos, which was the only chip/party snack I was eating (corn oil!). But then I realized I could have more chips! And while most are still off the table for other ingredient reasons, I found a bag of Kettle chips and Pirate’s Booty that worked. Pre-party in aisle 7!

Now the trick is to make sure I continue eating healthily. Just because I can grab a bag of chips, doesn’t mean I should. But that’s where the 3 times a week rule kicks in. Why trade in a baked potato for a bag of potato chips? I’m thinking snack food is now in case of an emergency — which is way better than snack food being the cause of an emergency.

Food Challenge Tally

Cindy – 7

Allergens – 2

Up Next: Cottonseed oil (aka Bagel Factory bagels)