New blog series with Food Equality Initiative!

Exciting news! I’m going to be blogging for Food Equality Initiative, an awesome non-profit dedicated to increasing access to safe foods for people who need them most. They launched the first-ever allergy friendly food pantry — most food pantries do not offer enough safe foods for food allergic families. The organization also advocates for amending the WIC food package to be more inclusive for people with food allergies — many of the permitted foods in the WIC shopping guide contain major allergens (dairy, wheat, soy, peanuts, eggs) and the substitutions many people with allergies rely on are not allowed. Those substitutions tend to be more expensive, meaning people who already rely need to rely on government support for access to food need additional funds to purchase safe foods. I am very lucky to not have to worry about affording my diet; especially given my uncommon allergies, I would have very little access to safe food if I needed government assistance. Families should NOT have to choose between anaphylaxis and starvation because of their economic status. Everyone deserves access to healthy food, whatever healthy means for them.

The first blog series I’ll be collaborating on is called Food Allergies Give You Superpowers. Check out the teaser post here. As difficult as living with food allergies can be, there are some benefits, and this series will explore those often overlooked superpowers.

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