Food Challenge Round 30: Cindy vs. Pasta – The Rematch

Thirty food challenges. Wow. That’s an insane number, and I wonder if I’ve broken a world record.

But more important than the number of food challenges is the result of this one — I tried barilla pasta and WON! I tried Ronzoni about a year ago and basically everything went dark and I drove to work to grab my laptop to come home and vomited on my way there and then got home and passed out. This time, I ate a bowl of pasta, and went on with my day as though nothing had happened, BECAUSE NOTHING HAD HAPPENED.

Now, I don’t know if it’s the time of healing, or the brand of pasta, but I do know that I don’t have to rely on corn quinoa pasta anymore. I have to control my impulse to eat pasta twice a day every day, but I feel like I might be ok at that now that cooking is second nature.

When I made pasta for dinner tonight, I’d forgotten how to cook it. With corn quinoa pasta, you boil the noodles in the water. Regular pasta, notsomuch. The timing is different. I have to relearn the most basic cooking skill. But hey. I’ll figure it out. I make handmade gnocchi like it’s no big deal!

Cannot express how much joy I feel now that this is back in my life:

photo (11)

Food Challenge Tally:

Cindy: 22

Allergens: 4

Up Next: 3rd teaspoon of peanut butter

4 responses

  1. Pasta- a great addition! Such a great place to start for variety! But wait- is that tomato sauce? Can you eat the commercial variety? I discovered last year that in the US you ca have up to 15% onion, red pepper or celery in canned tomato sauce without any if those ingredients listed on the label. I don’t know what the regulation is in Canada, but it’s likely something similar. As long as it does not alter the ‘flavour profile’ it can be in there. It can change over the course of the year, depending on the quality of the tomatoes so that the manufacutrer can produce a ‘consistent’ product. I was floored!!!! Took me so long to figure out why I couldn’t buy the jarred stuff. Now I can’t do any tomatoes at all, but when I could, it couldn’t be made in North America- the Italian stuff is usually 100% tomatoes (and salt…), or we made our own from nice ripe Roma tomatoes.

    All that aside- great news!!!! Spaghetti is so delightfully ‘normal’!

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