Things I Learned Tonight While On Benedryl

1. Don’t touch people in grocery stores.

2. Don’t go to the checkout aisle with gefilte fish on the conveyor belt

(one of the above might actually be ok. There’s no telling which, and there’s no telling if it’s the combo)

3. Try to always bring a new bottle of water in the car when driving in case you need to pop some Benedryl on location, and the water that sat in your car all day is burning hot from the 90 degree sun.

4. Singing/rapping is a good test to see if your throat is closing. But also, singing “Hopelessly Devoted To You” and “As Long as He Needs Me” for the better part of an hour is not great for your throat. If you get hoarse, scratchy or generally irritated it might be because you’re NOT a Broadway star.

5. It is possible to cook 95% of a shabbat dinner plus tonights dinner while on Benedryl. And also random turkey burgers because it’s hard to remember that freezers exist while you’re cooking on Benedryl. And also that you can’t eat 4 turkey burgers in one day.

6. The above cooking is tiring. Sitting down feels much better.

7. Sitting down is important.

8. Like, super important.

9. Stopping to sing is also important.

10. Lists should always have ten things.


6 responses

  1. First of all- you are either very lucky or very brave, or both, to still go to grocery stores. I do my grocery shopping online- it takes some getting used to, but it means I don’t ever have to say ‘Could you hurry up please, I really need to get my epipen and go to the ER’ to a checkout girl.

    Second of all- injection Benadryl. Pros- side effects are WAY less (no where near as sleepy), takes effect way faster, and Im not allergic to the dye in the pill (gotta love being allergic to allergy pills…). Cons- you have o be pretty comfortable injecting medication on a regular basis. Nothing like sitting in your minivan with the kids in the backseat and pulling out a syringe and a vial of diphenhydramine!

    Thirdly- I feel your pain. Doing anything more difficult than dragonvale after a bad attack is brutal. Well done!

    • Ugh, I can’t imagine an allergy to allergy pills! I can’t have liquid Benadryl, but the pills work just fine. You’re very brave to inject yourself that easily. I’d have track marks, I’m sure.

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