My First Post-Hypersensitivity Dining Out Experience — Got Kosher

Today was a day of firsts. My first professionally produced piece of writing premiered on Youtube’s Loud Channel (check it out here, but warning: it’s not super safe for work) and I dined out for the first time since I went all hypersensitive in April.

It was my boyfriend’s birthday today, and he loves eating out, so I figured it was a big enough occasion to see if I could eat out, too. In the 9ish (we’re bad at counting) months we’ve been together, we’ve never eaten together at a restaurant. I was pretty nervous, but I’m still here, so *spoiler alert* it was fine. Fun, even!

We went to Got Kosher, a delicious restaurant/take out store on Pico. It was the last place I’d eaten out before hypersensitive April; my friends S and T accompanied me there one Sunday when they just wanted some kosher BBQ, and even though I was already on superstrict diet #1, I was able to eat there. The servers were so great, and I knew I’d be back if I was ever allowed to eat out again. And,they were super helpful when I called to find out what’s in their challah – and it’s the challah I get every week now. It also happens to be my boyfriend’s favorite restaurant, so we figured it was the right place to go (even though it’s not as fancy as a typical birthday destination).

I called the restaurant in advance and spoke to a helpful server named Bennett. He assured me that if I came to the restaurant with my allergies, they’d be able to answer any questions I had and they’d make sure I could eat safely.

I knew there was a reason I collected all those Got Milk ads as a kid!

I couldn’t believe how true that was! The waiter we got (Ben, not Bennett) pulled up a chair as soon as I said I had “about a hundred allergies” — though yes, allergy embellishment bothers me. I could have said 50 and still had true, dramatic flair. He took out a notepad and walked me through my questions. I knew to only ask about simple dishes like grilled chicken and steak — their menu has a lot of cooler, more complicated dishes, and I’m sure they would have been accommodating, but I wanted to be safe. They told me the grilled meats were literally just grilled plain. Sometimes with salt and pepper, but they could hold that if need be (need didn’t be). The only oil they use, if any, on the grilled food is canola. It’s the main oil in their kitchen (take that, olive oil!!!). I asked about the french fries, and I technically could eat them, but they’re fried in the same deep fryer as the avocado egg roll, which, while they could give me the ingredients of the filling, the dough itself remained a question and while it was homemade and probably fine, they couldn’t assure me of that. By the way, shoutout to my mom for making sure I asked what else was fried in the fryer. I guess she has some experience with this sort of thing…wink, wink.

Anyway, Ben, who by that point was also joined by Bennett, said they could make me roasted potatoes, but we decided those might have herbs and be a hassle if I didn’t want basil (I’m still not sure I didn’t overdose on basil). Then, he offered to grill me some potatoes. They do that on the lunch menu as part of another dish, and he said there was no reason they couldn’t do it at night, too. So I ate the grilled potatoes, which were delicious. They assured me everything would be kept separate and clean.

I ended up ordering a thinly cut rib steak (Entrecote?) and the grilled potatoes. It was delicious. Who knew grilled potatoes tasted just like karpas? It was like Pesach, only better. There was some random parsley on the plate, which would have sucked if I’m allergic to parsley, but I’m not, so it was good. And I’m sure they would have sent me a new, cleaner one if I had complained.

It felt so good to eat out! I was home and had eaten by 8:30pm. Usually, I’m just about finishing cooking at 8:30, and then starting to eat, and dishes, and cleaning, etc. Who knew there was all this time in the day when you don’t have to cook? It’s a miracle. I feel like I went on vacation. Like I have this whole night where I can clear out my DVR, blog, check email, and not even have to stay up too late! It’s an incredible feeling.

All I cooked today was 2 turkey breasts for lunch. And I’ll make some rice pasta and lamb for tomorrow’s lunch when I wake up. I can’t remember the last time I cooked so little! I might even make it 5 days without going to Whole Foods.

Who said eating had to be hard?

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