Food Challenge Round 7: Cindy vs. Tahine

This was probably my least favorite food challenge. I challenged tahine (aka tahini), a sesame paste/sauce food that I’ve always hated. Why test something I hate? Well, because it’s in hummus, and I love hummus, and have to challenge that as well. So this was like the pre-req for hummus. Hummus 101 or something.

It was also not my favorite challenge, because I’ve come down with a virus, and mixing that with new foods on a rainy day is just wrong. So while the challenge didn’t go poorly, it didn’t go well, either.

I forced the tahini – homemade, btw, not hard but I can’t recommend recipes for gross foods – down plain, and was mostly fine. Until I had crazy ear burning. It was awful. And then my tongue got a teensy bit bigger, but I was fine, coherent, and only a little whiny. I had to take a Claritin, but it was enough to get me to hummus next week and to prove I can have foods that may have come into contact with sesame (read: challah and bagels).

So, overall, C+. Not bad. Probably would have been happier with the result if I didn’t spend the rest of the day sick, but what can you do? At least I can sort of maybe kind of eat sesame.

In other good news, my friend S is visiting this week, and the last time I saw her was her last night living in LA, the day I got my original skin test results. It’s crazy to think how far I’ve come. When you spend time with a friend and it feels like no time has passed, and then you look back and realize that in that same time period, you went on a crazy diet, on a crazier diet, off the crazy diet, and started a food challenge process — not to mention switched jobs twice — it’s kind of jolting, in a good way. Last time S was here, we baked oatmeal pumpkin muffins because I was having a breakdown about never eating another baked good. Today, I ate homemade pizza made with wheat like it was no big deal. Maybe next time she comes to town I’ll eat pizza from a store?

Nah. Homemade is way better. Recipe to come!

Food Challenge Tally

Cindy – 5

Allergens – 2

Up next: Hummus

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