Chocolate is Probably My Favorite New Food

I had chocolate earlier today. It was AMAZING. I’d say to die for, but considering I didn’t eat chocolate when death was potentially on the table, that’d be inaccurate.

Anyway, I found an essay I wrote in 1995 (the beginning of fourth grade, I was 8 years old) about almost trying chocolate. And I feel quite similarly now, 17 years later.

Oh, and [sic] in advance.

Y.of F.
Cindy Kaplan
Sept. 19, 1995

The Best Day of My Life

The best day of my life was today. Why? Well I’ll tell you. It may seem weird to you, but it’s awfully normal to me and to people who know me. Here I go…..

Today when I came home from school I took a snack and then my mother wanted me to go shopping with her. So I went. We went to Glatt Mart to buy dinner. We didn’t buy only that, we bought half of the store to. We were buying so much, it seemed that we were like pigs. (We really aren’t.) Well, then we came to a rack of chocolate. My mother said that I could look for white chocolate. So I did. I found one with hazelnuts. Then I found plain white chocolate. Finally! I gave it to my mother and she bought it. Yipeeeeeee! Yipeeeee! I am finally going to try chocolate. I am so happy. That was the best day of my life.

This drawing accompanied my essay. I’m not much of an artist, but I’m so glad I drew myself in a long skirt, long sleeves, and with giant teeth. Good self image, 8-year-old Cindy.


I remember that day so vividly. And even more vividly, the day (months or even a year later, I think) when I finally was able to try the chocolate (as I’m relearning, getting your body to a place where you can introduce a new food is tough, especially when you’re not under the supervision of a doctor. Because when I was a kid, allergists weren’t really the same as they are now).

I was sitting at my dining room table after a Shabbat lunch. Everyone had had dessert, and it was my chance to try chocolate. My mom and sister sat at the table with me as I took a bite of that white chocolate bar (white, because there’s less cacao). I let it sit for a minute and then I said, “Oh, it tastes like chocolate! It doesn’t take like carob at all!”

I knew my life had changed. When I didn’t react to that small square, I knew at the very least, I’d be able to have white chocolate and live like a kid.

And then soon after, my family went to dinner at Tevere 84, I think to celebrate my parents’ anniversary. It was a fancy, delicious, Italian kosher meat restaurant on the Upper East Side that had just opened up. and for dessert, I ordered chocolate cake. It was dark chocolate. I was so excited because since it was a meat restaurant, their cake would be more pure than the dairy one (milk chocolate is a little harder to try) and I’d get to participate in the celebratory dessert. That cake was one of the greatest foods I have ever tasted. Both because it was objectively good, and also because I learned that I loved dark chocolate, that I could eat it, and that I would be able to eat chocolate for real. M&Ms! KitKats! Hershey’s Kisses! Milky Ways!

Today’s chocolate reminded me so much of that cake. I had only a tiny bite, at the end of the work day, but it filled my mouth with an incredible taste. I felt stress pouring away and happiness setting in. Hours later, I feel whole again. Chocolate is the greatest food known to man (or woman, let’s be real), and I have it back in my life.

Today, June 24, 2012, is the second best day of my life.


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