My First Coke.

Yesterday marked the end of my second 30-day period, wherein I avoided all foods I didn’t prepare myself. Meaning, only drinking water, no processed foods, lots of cooking, etc. Nothing packaged except raw grains and beans.

I don’t have an appointment with my doctor til sometime next week, when we’ll do a hopefully cool blood test that will determine why this is all happening in the first instance (woohoo! research!), so I had planned to wait until then to break the diet.

But then I started craving coke. Not the drug, the soda. Last night, I just needed an ice cold coke. It was like I was a polar bear or something. And when that feeling lingered this morning, and even after I ate lunch, I realized it wasn’t going anywhere. And unlike the coke cravings I was having over the last few weeks, I could technically do something about it.

So with the green light from my mom, who’s more of an allergist at this point than some doctors I know, I bought a mexicoke – aka coke in a glass bottle from Mexico that uses sugar instead of corn syrup. Some people call it Passover coke, but in LA, it’s available year-round. I figured it was a better idea than wasting a corn (which I can only eat three times a week) on soda.

It was delicious. At first, it tasted weird and totally not what I remembered. I think I was remembering chocolate and cherry coke, which isn’t quite the same. So after a brief “oooh was this a waste of time?” moment, I realized it was not, it was sugar and deliciousness and processed and helpful. I hadn’t realized how worn down a sugar-mostly-from-fruit and caffeine free diet had made me. Not that eating healthy is bad, but with limited amounts of food sometimes you need those extra calories. 150 should bring me up to…460 so far today! That’s like a whole muffin or something. Or a Starbucks iced white mocha latte.

Anyway, it was magical. I savored that coke. I drank it slowly both to manage my body in case something happened and to enjoy every moment of it. I wanted to actually “enjoy Coca-Cola.”

And I was fine. My body was a little shocked from the caffeine intake, and probably the processed food of it all, so I had a minor cramp in my left arm and back, but it was nothing a good stretch and pressure point massage couldn’t fix. But the more I drank, the less the shock became, which is a good thing, and made me realize it wasn’t an allergy attack.

I made the news my status on g-chat and got a couple of “Um, that’s a weird thing to say” comments. Which I get. Because it is weird, if you can eat everything. I mean, it’s just coke. But to me, it was an awakening.

Am I finally somewhat desensitized?

When I go back to Captain Crunch? Or Corn Chex. Which I’m absolutely craving beyond my wildest dreams. Seriously. In my wildest dreams I never thought I’d crave something as mundane as Corn Chex.

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