Recipe: Millet, Beans, and Wine Sauce

The benefit of not being able to eat tomatoes or mustard or onion or garlic means I have to get creative with my spicing and sauces.  And honestly, it’s not any more difficult to use interesting spices than it is to use the go-tos.  This recipe I made tonight tasted pretty awesome, and while the jury is still out as to whether I ate it successfully (I had minor ear itching and my throat doesn’t feel exactly normal, but it’s also pouring and my 37/40 environmental allergens might be acting up as they tend to in the rain), it’s good enough to share.

(I was too hungry to take pictures…maybe tomorrow if I eat the leftovers for lunch/dinner.

Millet (1 cup uncooked, yields 4 servings)

Pinto Beans

Red wine sauce





Cook the millet – for those unfamiliar, millet is a grain (gluten free!) that’s not unlike couscous.  It’s pretty delicious.  You basically toast the millet in a sauce pan with some oil until it’s slightly crispy and a little tanner (5 minutes, give or take, I don’t think you can overtoast it).  Then, you boil 2 cups of water and some salt and oil, add 1 cup of millet, and simmer covered for 25-30 minutes (or follow the directions on the package).  It’s cooking rice, essentially, plus some toasting.

When the millet is all cooked aka the water is absorbed, toss it into another pan and throw in a 15oz can of pinto beans.  I’m guessing any bean would work, and I imagine adding cooked lentils would be good too.  Stir.  Add in wine sauce, to taste – I gauge this by the millet turning a gold tinted red color, where the sauce spreads evenly.  Add in the spices.  If you can eat onion and garlic, by all means, throw them in there.  Basil, sage, and rosemary probably work too.  I just chose oregano and thyme for the hell of it.  Stir.  Eat.

Easy, right?  And yet…wine sauce makes it sound so gourmet.  Especially when you serve it with grilled lamb riblets spiced with dry mint and rosemary.

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